Greece's most beautiful woman: Anna Pavlidou crowned Star Hellas 2021

Anna Pavlidou

Anna Pavlidou is the beautiful and ambitious young entrepreneur who was crowned Star Hellas 2021 a few weeks ago.

The young beauty who is only 22 years old will represent Greece in the "Miss World" competition in about a month, according to Goal.

Galena Velikova hosted the the Greek competition on November 3.

Although only 22 years old, Anna Pavlidou seems to already know exactly what she her future aspirations are.

She owns a gastrobar in Kalamaria in Thessaloniki, where she comes from. She also owns a vegetarian fast food shop.

Anna Pavlidou is also very much in love with George, a young businessman and together the couple loves to travel.

In fact, the Greek beauty has filled her personal Instagram page with photos taken on from their various adventures together.

It seems that Dubai and Abu Dhabi are among their favourite destinations, whilst in Greece it is Santorini that they love.

Anna Pavlidou

Anna Pavlidou

Anna Pavlidou

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