SYRIZA: Doctors are warning we will reach 11,000 daily new COVID-19 infections by Xmas

COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic SYRIZA

SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance has been requesting from the government to let people know of the exact number of COVID-19 patients who die outside of intensive care units, but to no avail, the main opposition party's Central Committee Secretary Dimitris Tzanakopoulos told SKAI news outlet on Monday.

The daily figures of new infections, deaths and intubated patients continue to rise, he noted, "putting Greece in the worst possible ranking position in the Eurozone, if not in the whole of Europe."

"Northern Greece is collapsing under the weight of the worsening pandemic, Attica is also heavily burdened, and there is only two ICU beds available in the entire region of western Greece," the SYRIZA secretary pointed out.

He also added that esteemed doctors are warning that the country will be registering 11,000 daily new infections by the time Christmas arrives.

Meanwhile, he added, the education ministry is celebrating the fact that the percentage of infections in schools dropped from 25% to 23%, "which practically means that 1 in 4 students in Greece is infected."

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