"They did everything to keep me alive", says unvaccinated pregnant nurse that was in ICU for 10 days

90% of ICU beds in Attica are occupied by Covid-19 patients

A 42-year-old unvaccinated nurse who was diagnosed with COVID-19 and is in the seventh month of her pregnancy was discharged from ICU.

From inside the PGNL hospital, she spoke to the Star's main news bulletin, thanking her colleagues who managed to keep her alive.

"I am healthy, I am well. My colleagues all paid a lot of attention to me," she said.

"My colleagues did everything they could to keep me alive. If you do not say thank you to those who took care of you and to God who kept you, to whom will you tell this?" said 42-year-old Valentina.


After about 10 days in the ICU of the University Hospital of Larissa, the unvaccinated nurse left after overcoming the danger.

Despite suffering from COVID-19, the health of the fetus seems to be very good.

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