Diplomatic source: Turkey accusing Greece of not wanting peace is ‘an oxymoron’

diplomatic source

“It is, at the very least, an oxymoron for Turkey to claim that it is working the ensure peace and stability in the region and at the same time accuse Greece of preferring tension, at a time when it is widely known that, through its unlawful actions, Turkey is destabilising the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East,” a Greek diplomatic source said on Sunday.

The facts speak for themselves and need no further comment, the sources added.

“Greece, with international law as its guideline, is cultivating relations of friendship and cooperation with all the countries in the region that embrace these principles,” the sources said.

“In just the last two days, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias has met his counterparts in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, the National Security Advisor of Israel, the Secretary General of the Arab League and the deputy foreign ministers of the United Arab Emirates and Oman,” the diplomatic source highlighted.

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