82% of COVID-19 victims in Greece were over 65 and mostly unvaccinated

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The population of three peripheral units of the Peloponnese - Achaia, Corinth, Laconia - correspond to the approximately 520,000 citizens over the age of 60 who remain unvaccinated and therefore unprotected against COVID-19.

It is reminded that based on yesterday's announcements by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, unvaccinated citizens over 60 years should have made an appointment for the first installment by January 16, 2022, or face a monthly fine of €100.

This is undoubtedly a population that pays a very high price, with its health and with its own life, choosing not to be vaccinated while the COVID-19 pandemic is underway.

It is indicative that in the last two months, 82.4% of the patients who lost the battle with the COVID-19 in the hospitals are over 65 years old.

Of the 3,329 deaths from the pandemic in October and November, 2,746 were in this age group, and the vast majority were unvaccinated.

In fact, the number of elderly and vulnerable people who ended up doubled within a month. Last October, the death toll over the age of 65 was 874 and the November tally became even heavier, as the death toll in the same age group reached 1,872 yesterday.

After Mitsotakis' announcement, appointments increased sevenfold.

Health ministry officials estimate that up to 200,000 people over the age of 60 will have been vaccinated in the next six weeks, contributing even then to building the immune wall and decompressing hospitals.

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