Turkey turns another church into a mosque on Christmas Eve

Agia Sophia Adrianopolis

This time in the conversion was made in the town of Ainos/Enez of Adrianopolis/Edirne

Edirne is in eastern Thrace, where, according to genocide scholars, the Greek genocide commenced in 1913, before the First World War.

Turkey turned on Christmas Eve the Church of Hagia Sophia in Ainos (Enez), in Adrianoupoli (Edirne), into a Mosque (Mosque-i Sharif) after the completion of its restoration by the General Directorate of Institutions.

Church of Hagia Sophia in Ainos (Enez)

The church of Agia Sophia of Ainos (Enez) is a Byzantine building of the 12th century.

Mehmed the Conqueror Changed into the Mosque of Conquest in 1456 and now opens again with its former name.

"After last year's inauguration of the Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul (sic), we are meeting here again today, for the inauguration of the Hagia Sophia mosque in Ainu-Edirne", said Turkish President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbas.

The historic Christian church was not used due to damage from an earthquake. It was restored 56 years later and opened for the (Muslim) Friday prayer by Ali Erbas.

According to echedoros-a.gr during his speech, Erbas stated that Islamic culture is a culture that focuses on the mosque: 

"A few months ago, we visited the Balkan countries. Where our eyes see a minaret, our hearts begin to flutter. Wherever we see a mosque or minaret, we are happy. We are now reopening the Hagia Sophia mosque in Edirne for worship. May Almighty Allah bless it. What a beautiful unity and solidarity we have that we are all here as institutions". 

After Erbas' prayer and speech, the official ribbon was cut, and the mosque's opening took place.

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