See how former DM Panos Kammenos "finished the patriarchy"

Panos Kammenos

"Happy 2022 with health, love and respect for the princesses who bring us into the world, who accompany us in life and who love us like daughters without limits," Panos Kammenos wrote on Instagram.

He uploaded an accompanying photo of himself wearing a T-shirt with the message that the "patriarchy is over".

The T-shirt worn by former Defence Minister, former government partner Alexis Tsipras and former chairman of the Independent Greeks party, included a sketch of a woman waving an object and threatening to hit a man.

In his Instagram post, on an account of only 912 followers, Panos Kammenos appears smiling, trying to make humour with a topic that is unfortunately in the forefront of the news due to the murders that caused the disgust of public opinion last year.

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