RHODES: Three married couples divorce because they disagree about the vaccination of their children

COVID-19 coronavirus mask wedding ring Rhodes

The dispute between parents over whether or not their children should be vaccinated against COVID-19 led to three couples from Rhodes to file for divorce.

According to Rodiaki, the parents in all three cases are aged 40-50 years and have different views on the subject, which are said to have been the cause of their divorce!

However, psychologists who generally deal with the investigation of behaviours during the pandemic, emphasise, among other things, that this can certainly be the reason for a couple to end their relation.

But usually it is not the main reason as their experience has shown that there are always other issues in the relationship.

After all, it is a fact and based on specific data that in the last two years divorces and tensions between couples have increased, as well as incidents of domestic and gender-based violence.

In any case, similar disagreements on the same issue have led to divorce in other parts of the country and not only in Rhodes, while it is considered certain that these three cases will not be the only ones!

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