SEZEN AKSU: Erdoğan's newest target is Turkey's "Haris Alexiou"

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The newest target of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Islamists of Turkey is the well-known singer Sezen Aksu because of a song that is considered offensive by conservative circles in the country.

Aksu is accustomed to expressing political views and social sensitivities in public, or through her songs, as a result of which she has been targeted many times in the past.

Recently, in a song she referred to Adam and Eve, provoking a strong reaction from Islamists and Erdoğan.

The song is entitled: "It is wonderful to live" and the verse in question states: "We do not know what awaits us. We ride the unknown and go to destruction. Give my greetings to ignorant Eve and Adam."

Erdoğan attacked the singer for this, threatening to "cut" her tongue.

"No one can speak and insult Adam, who is sacred to us. It is our duty when we need to cut this languages," the Turkish president said.

"No one can talk about our mother, Eve. It is our duty to set her limits," he said, clearly outraged by the lyrics.

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Government partner, the leader of the Nationalist Action Party of the far-right Gray Wolves, Devlet Bahçeli, also launched an attack against the singer, accusing her of "insulting the saints of the nation, claiming that she is falsely fabricating."

Without fear and without chewing her words, Sezen Aksu responded publicly to the Turkish president's threats, with a harsh tone.

"You cannot hurt me. I'm already very sorry. Wherever I look there is pain. I am the prey and you are the hunter," she said.

"You cannot feel me. You cannot suppress my tongue.

"You cannot kill me. I have my voice, my saz, my tongue."

Many Turkish citizens declared their support for her, with comments on social platforms.

On the side of Aksu, with statements and posts on social networks, were other artists, intellectuals and politicians, such as the composer Zülfü Livaneli, the writer Elif Shafak, the mayor of Istanbul Ekrem İmamoğlu and others.

The attacks against the singer

In the last 24 hours, the pro-government media and trolls on social networks have intensified their verbal attacks against the singer, who is receiving direct threats to her life.

Posts with comments and hate messages against Aksu, with the hashtag #sezenaksuhaddinibil, went viral and are increasing hour by hour.

There was also an intervention from the Directorate of Religious Affairs, which in a statement spoke of disrespect, claiming that: "Adam and his wife Eve represent common values ​​and are the glorious ancestors of all mankind."

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Members of Erdoğan's pro-Bekaa movement staged a protest in front of the singer's home, and an indictment was filed alleging that Aksu had committed the crime of "insulting and provoking religious values."

It is recalled that in 1999, and after the catastrophic earthquakes in Greece and Turkey, Sezen Aksu was in Athens for a concert with Haris Alexiou - in Pallas- to help the earthquake victims on both sides of the Aegean.

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