This is how snow should be removed from Greece's National Road in record time (VIDEO)


Heavy snowfall is occurring covering most of Greece, including the capital of Athens, with the snow covering most of Greece in white, and national roads were no exception, News Auto reported.

The pounding snowfall and the problems are of course not a purely Greek phenomenon, as extreme weather phenomena of similar intensity affected many US states in recent days.

But in the snow-covered states of the US, they know how to operate and what to do quickly and, above all, effectively, having at their disposal a whole fleet of snowplows that plow the road network for endless hours.

What is striking is the way in which the drivers of the vehicles performed their duties, something that perhaps Greece could learn from.

In a video recorded on the I-75 freeway that connects Michigan with Florida, we see seven snowplows clearing the snow with perfectly synchronised movements that refer to a well-executed choreography.

The video:

The second and most severe wave of “Elpis” bad weather is sweeping the country, at a time when there is heavy snowfall in Athens, including in the most iconic location like Plaka.

In the north and west of the Attica prefecture, the snow has already been laid, while heavy snowfall is currently occurring in the centre of Athens and in the southern suburbs.

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In fact, at 10:30 in the morning, the Civil Protection sent, through 112, a message to the residents of Attica, warning of heavy snowfall in the coming hours.


According to Greek meteorologists, today and tomorrow there will be very strong weather phenomena with unprecedented heavy snowfall in areas of the country where, usually, Greece does not have similar weather phenomena.

The Hellenic Police Headquarters advises citizens, who live in Attica and especially in the northern suburbs, where there is heavy snowfall, as well as in areas throughout the territory, where extreme weather phenomena occur, to avoid unnecessary movements.

In any case, it is reminded that information about traffic jams as well as useful tips for road safety, due to bad weather and severe weather, are available in a special banner on the website of the Greek Police.

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