Exposé highlights Turkish ties to Muslim Brotherhood in new light

Muslim Brotherhood Turkish ties

An exposé has highlighted in a new light the ties that the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood organisation has with Turkey and Pakistan.

A Disinfo Lab report titled: "Muslim Brotherhood's Next Startup: Kashmir", found that a boycott campaign was launched last year September by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) nexus against India, as well as targeting Saudi Arabia and UAE apart from France.

The campaign was supported by the troll factories of Turkey and Pakistan, and it was the first open campaign by the MB through the new emerging Qatar-Turkey-Pakistan nexus, dubbed QTPi.

While it had all the characteristics of propaganda, including the liberal use of fake pics and videos, it was not ordinary propaganda.

Rather, it appears to be a strength test for the MB, especially as it put several media organisations from its arsenal to use, including the jewel Al-Jazeera, risking their already shaky credibility.

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The sheer resources of the MB-led QTPi deployed in this fake news-driven propaganda made it abundantly clear that not only has the organisation arrived in India, but it also intends to stay.

The intent was soon clear when a hush-hush Tribunal was organized in Sarajevo (Bosnia, & Herzegovina) in December 2021 on the Kashmir issue.

This was a good enough indicator that the Muslim Brotherhood has decided to put their attention to this region.

Contrary to the usual noise created around such events, the Tribunal was kept rather low-key as they were again testing reactions to any MB attempt on appropriating Kashmir, less from India and more from the Jamaat stakeholders.

Replacing the traditional crowd, all major players at the Tribunal were connected with the Muslim Brotherhood. The next step, yet another report on Kashmir within a month by a UK-based legal cum investigative cum activist firm was no surprise.

These events are part of a larger design, a build-up to create a conflict space in the conflict industry.

The Muslim Brotherhood had successfully run a conflict industry in Palestine for more than a decade but is now looking to shift the organisation to a new location.

And one of the key tools for making a viable conflict industry is BDSM: Boycott, Divestment, Sanction Movement, said the Disinfo Lab report.

The narratives that have been built in India in the last few years – from Islamophobia, Fascism to now Genocide are building blocks for this business enterprise.

Going by the record, the conflict industry runs into billions of dollars.

The report unmasks the various fronts of the Muslim Brotherhood which have already been deployed into this new theatre.

The report also makes an effort to not only expose the MB networks and various individuals, but also provide a blueprint of the playbook that is going to be deployed.

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