Australian tennis great Pat Rafter says Kygrios-Kokkinakis crowds like a soccer crowd

2022 01 28 Nick k Kik 3554

Australian tennis legend Pat Rafter denied claims made by Nick Kyrgios regarding the atmosphere at Melbourne Park, saying nothing could top the energy that came in the women's singles final as reported by

Kyrgios bragged that he and Thanasi Kokkinakis had "created probably the best atmosphere this tournament has ever seen" during the men's doubles final win and claimed that Barty's father had told him that "the crowd was the best he's ever seen".

"Obviously Ash is a hell of a player, but I think the ratings speak for themselves," Kyrgios said after winning the doubles final.

Rafter mocked the claims when appearing on television on Sunday night.

"Well, it's a different type of atmosphere. They certainly create a lot of chaos out there in the crowd," Rafter told The Project about Kyrgios and Kokkinakis.

"I wouldn't call it a traditional tennis crowd that they get - but it's like a soccer crowd.

"But in terms of the best ever atmosphere... I don't know. I was on the court when Ash walked out and the scream that they got, you're not going to get any better than that.

"The scream that she got from the crowd there was something you'll never be able to replicate unless you're in that situation."

Rafter went on to say that women's tennis in Australia is as strong as it has ever been and that the men could get to that level also.