Made in Turkey COVID-19 masks provoke controversy in Greek parliament

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Made in Turkey COVID-19 masks have been handed out to members of the Greek Government has triggered anger in the country's parliament, according to media reports on Saturday.

At the beginning of her speech in parliament, Liana Kanelli, a deputy with the Greek Communist Party (KKE), drew attention to the high-protection FFP2 masks being Turkish made, the Greek news outlet In reported.

"The masks you distributed to us in parliament are from Turkey. They say ‘Made in Turkiye.' It's not bad. But although illegal immigrants from Turkey cannot get through retail interests, unfortunately, are passing straight through," she said.

Speaking on the matter, Greek Parliament Speaker Konstantinos Tasoulas confirmed that the masks were indeed made in Turkey.

"We released a public tender for supplying high-protection masks and finally, a German company that applied had the best bid," he said and added,

"However, we did not know that the German company has a factory in Turkey to make the masks."

He also stated that they would not have bought the masks if they knew they were made in Turkey.

Ankara continued overflights of various islands and continues to question the sovereignty of several Greek islands, which it believes were never ceded to Greece.

Also, Ankara reiterated its “casus belli” threats. Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu continually threatens that if Greece expands its territorial waters to 12 nautical miles in the Aegean Sea this will be an “occasion for war”.

Greece agrees to discuss only the demarcation of maritime zones, while Turkey, which has greyed the Aegean by disputing up to 150 small islands, wants to discuss the demilitarization of islands, national airspace of 10 nautical miles, and other issues.

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