The Silent Death of the Innocent


Through each epoch of mankind well before Christ and after his Resurrection, man has evolved through different stages as to the perception of life, the meaning through existence the importance of seeking, learning, cultivating the mind an endless quest of researching into the depth of understanding all which surround him.



During the preliminary stages of research, mankind had not realised the importance of pneumatic health which belongs to the inner self of every human being and only through Christianity belief established this knowledge.

Ancient Greek philosophers believed in the Divinity of the body which consists of the body, (somatic), psychological and the spiritual (pneumatic) but only within philosophical essence which was presented theoretically but not with the spiritual guidance of Christian belief and faith since it was of no existence then.

Christianity, therefore firmly believes in the Divinity but the unity of the Holy Trinity as a whole, of the three human components the body,(somatic), the psychological and the spiritual (pneumatic) which as a whole are the formation of man through existence. This entity and human structure has the uniqueness of being blessed with the (eg hephalus), the brain where logic and where the two hemispheres of the brain have the capacity of distinguishing right from wrong, evil from righteousness, the psychological state where the brain and heart communicate with feelings and emotions, therefore, can retain logic or instability correct or false perceptions, then most importantly is the spiritual (pneumatic) sector where Holy intervention embodies one's soul into depth of faith with prayer, with forgiveness with encouraging understanding as to continue living with stability, with self-control, with the purity of love and to restrict all which consist of sin, anomy, blasphemy, and immorality.

Human life and existence have adapted to difficulties, to conflicts, through wars, through depression, starvation, through poverty and continue in this path of endless injustice but nevertheless have committed themselves to reproduce and the essence of the family bonding although the suffering which has inflicted their life to a certain degree. Although certain nations have been inflicted with famine, with starvation, with endless diseases or viruses' as currently surfaced, their family understanding does not cease do exist although the burdens of their life and difficulty are a complex task of survival.

They strive for their children as more than one child suffers from malnutrition but again as parents do not neglect or abandon them. Human reproduction has become an endangered recourse to a certain perspective as depopulation has infiltrated western societies into less evaluation of human existence & to birth control but even worse with legalized abortions to full term in some western nations or even post-birth which after the embryo is terminated not only during the commencement and duration of gestation.

What does one pursue in life, is its intimacy, is it mutual understanding, freedom of sexual behaviour but rather one stands with no pure or true emotions, modernism as to exchange partners without the essence of meaning..... Human nature has become inhuman nature where logic, self-control, and respect have been eliminated or have become extinct from the dictionary since mass influence has been deplored. One must understand the significance of what reproduction actually consists of, the formation of the living human being and what is endeavoured by exterminating life. Through scientific research, it has been determined with foundational proof, that each fetus from the time of conception is a developing human being where it is combined from the developing organs, brain heart and organs and of the soul after which it continues to develop as to reach full term.

Do not be deceived by so-called modernistic enterprises, feministic organisations whom claim the fetus as being a "clump of cells" or even worse not a human being. During the duration of the gestation period, the fetus enlarges gradually becoming into the embryonic stage where feelings, emotions & movements can be felt and more so as disturbances from anxiety, upsetness, violence can administer birth contractions into pre-birth which may endanger the baby according to the metabolism. Pregnancies play a vital role during motherhood not only as far as childbearing, but in the regeneration of hormones, skin texture becomes subtle as it also enhances vitality.

Both men and women must understand that there are solutions as to restricting gestation by precautionary methods and contraceptive means, seeking medical advice and seeking more than one opinion even though results may prove otherwise. Abortions not only are emblematic as the termination of human life is the sentenced death of life but may cause sterility, internal hemorrhaging, cancer, hormone imbalance, etc.

Those whom approve of such actions must realise that they themselves have been born but deprived the right of life. There are the unfortunate circumstances where unwanted pregnancies have been traumatic as to the victims of rape more so than general unwanted pregnancies but here, the most logical solution which will prove each woman a saviour of her future role as parent or an only parent would do give the child for adoption as there are numerous couples whom strive to become parents and haven't been blessed physically therefore please think of helping others through your pain.

There are many organisations which help the mother out of wedlock, divorced mothers, single parents both men and women, therefore, place logic and not rational decisions will have negative results. Another horrifying chapter that has surfaced through different pharmaceutical companies ones which deploy beauty products is the fact that embryos have been utilised in the production of firming skin products not only is the placenta used but the vital organs which have been used for Botox & firming injections.

Such is the harshness of humanity that one wonders if humans are becoming the new age hybrid carnivores that exploit the innocent whom were deprived of life. I would like to dedicate this last paragraph to a wonderful woman whom in the past had helped women whom had become victims of rape and although at the time she was working at a specific home for single mothers, others had decided that abortion was the best option, she not only encouraged these women to keep their babies but supported them spiritually and helped raise awareness.

To you my dear friend Anna as you are a humble and very discreet human being with the importance of saving the value of life. Blessed are the ones whom value life and have given life and to the ones whom deprived life, remember that one has the opportunity and choice of forgiveness.

By Chrysanthe Ntemos


Guest Contributor

This piece was written for Greek City Times by a Guest Contributor

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