Greek Consulate building in Ukraine under attack


The building housing the Consulate General of Greece in Mariupol, Ukraine came under attack on Sunday reported Greek newspaper Proto Thema.

However, diplomatic sources said there are no reports of an attack and that the Consul General, Manolis Androulakis, is in good health.

According to the news outlet the Consulate was hit around 13:00 on Sunday afternoon, where an  exchange of fire took place outside the building.

‘Now things are reportedly calm and the consulate staff, together with the consul, have been transferred to a safe shelter.. The Greek consul in Mariupol, Manolis Androulakis, is noted to be in good health and contacted the Greek authorities via satellite phone’ said the news outlet.

For about a week now the services of the Consulate General of Greece have been transferred to the building that housed the OSCE Special Surveillance Mission in the city, which was hit by bullets during street fighting at noon on Sunday.

Greek foreign affairs minister Nikos Dendias contacted on Sunday his Ukrainian counterpart, Dmytro Kuleba, requesting the Ukrainian authorities’ assistance in ensuring the safety of the Consul General in Mariupol and in opening humanitarian corridor for evacuation, according to a foreign ministry’s post on Twitter.

Earlier, Dendias contacted the OSCE Secretary General Helga Schmid and they discussed both the housing of the services and the coordination for the creation of humanitarian corridors from the city.