The ancient stone bridge that Spartan soldiers crossed and still stands to this day (VIDEO)

Ancient Spartan bridge

Although the Ancient Spartans did not leave much material legacy, especially compared to the Athenians, constructions that are thousands of years old none-the-less still survive to this day.

The mythology of the Spartans in ancient Greece is that they did not hide away from battle, let alone hide behind walls.

As Proto Thema explained, they were the masters of warfare on land and they would attack their foes without a second thought. But did you know there is a stone bridge still standing to this day that was crossed by the Spartans 2,000 years ago?

An ancient stone-arched bridge about 2,000 years old a few kilometres outside of modern Sparta.

The bridge is said to have been crossed by Spartan warriors.

A video posted by Up Stories on their YouTube channel shows the structure, and as the producers explain, the legend goes much further, as it connects the bridge with Paris and the Beautiful Helen.

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Regardless, it is a bridge fifteen kilometres south of Sparta, near the foot of Taygetos, in the town of Xirokambio.

At the exit of the gorge of Anakolos, where the river Erasinos (Rasina) flows, the visitor sees the view of 2 banks.

The bridge is two millennia old and is still used today, over the ancient road Sparta – Kardamili. It was built at the time when Augustus (late 1st century BC) granted them Kardamili as a port.

It was named by the Christians “Elliniko”, a work of the ancient Greeks and by the inhabitants of the surrounding area “Kamara”.

The people combined it with the flight to Troy of the Beautiful Helen and the appearance at night of the ghost of the master builder’s wife, who was sacrificed to establish the bridge.

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