Helena Paparizou announces Antique's reunion - The tour of Sweden and the surprise duet

Helena Paparizou Antique

Pleasant musical memories from the past were aroused by the enigmatic announcement made by Helena Paparizou on social media about the reunion of Antique.

Effectively, she will be reunited with Nikos Panagiotidis, the man with whom she took her first great steps in her music career.

The culmination of their cooperation was in 2001 when they came third in Eurovision.

She may have left a veil of mystery to cover the subject, writing on Instagram only the word "reunion", without giving more details, but Proto Thema learned the plans, including this musical reunion which has already been enthusiastically received by the public.

The new collaboration between Helena Paparizou and Nikos Panagiotidis was born through a proposal that came from Sweden, the country where they were born and raised.

The two have agreed to make a joint tour in different cities of Sweden in the summer, the audience of which met and loved them together. However, there is no prospect, so far at least, of organising a joint concert on Greek soil.

Nevertheless, the Greek audience will have the opportunity to enjoy them in a new duet, which is expected to be released in April, with Helena and Nikos joining their voices in one song - surprise, a Greek success of the '90s which, however, does not come from their own repertoire.

Let us not forget, moreover, that through adaptations of favourite Greek songs they became known shortly before the arrival of the new millennium.

It has been 23 whole years since the beautiful girl with long braided hair and her young friend and collaborator invaded Greek entertainment with a cover of the uprising song "Opa Opa" that combined modern dance music.

Just two years later, these two diaspora children who grew up in Sweden but carried the flame of their Greek origin in them, will be thrown into the Eurovision arena and will win the impressions.

Helena shines in her white, backless bodysuit, with the deep neckline and magnetises the eyes as she rocks to the rhythms of "Die for you, while Nikos Panagiotidis gives the Greek flair by playing the bouzouki.

Coming third was the best place Greece had ever taken in the history of the competition, a success that no one dared to predict.

Upon their return to Athens, they taste the love of the world and the sweetness of success and continue to record songs together for two more years.

One of them, the "New Love", proves to be prophetic. Not because a third person is involved in their collaboration but because the time has come for Helena to follow a personal musical path.

This is a route that will lead her to the top of Europe as she will manage, with the impressive presentation of the song "Number One", to bring for the first time the Eurovision Cup to Greece.

The years passed and their artistic paths parted, but those two who started together, timidly, making songs and dreaming, never forgot that "together" was what gave them the opportunity to stand out.

That is why the reunion of Antique, two whole decades later, is a "gift" both for themselves and for the audience that met and loved them as a duet.

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