Greek Foreign Minister lands in Ukraine to lead humanitarian mission


Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias has arrived in Ukraine as scheduled to lead a humanitarian mission.

Speaking from the city of Odessa on Sunday, Dendias reaffirmed Greece's position:

"I am here today, representing the Greek government, but also the entire Greek society, to transfer aid, first here, in Odessa. Humanitarian aid for the Greek Diaspora, but also for the entire population of the city," Dendias said after his visit to the Greek Consulate General and the Museum of Filiki Etairia.

He also announced that from today the Greek consulate in Odessa will be open again and thanked the Consul General Dimitris Dohtsis and his associates for the way in which they perform their duty.

"The consulate will help the distribution of humanitarian aid, will help create evacuation corridors for the Greek Diaspora if needed from any part of Ukraine through Odessa and will underline our historic presence in this city," he stated.

Meanwhile, a  total of 16,730 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Greece, of which 5,117 are minors, the Ministry of Civil Protection said.

According to data from Greek police, in the last 24 hours (2/4/2022), 299 Ukrainian refugees have entered Greece, of which 81 were minors.

Specifically, 167 people entered from Promachonas, 21 from Evzoni and 70 from other borders. 31 arrived at the "Eleftherios Venizelos" airport and 10 at the "Makedonia" airport.

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