Greek Prime Minister Met With Pro Russia Protests In Thessaloniki


Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, an advocate for imposing sanctions on Russia, was met with a pro-Russia manifestation in Thessaloniki upon his arrival at a forum of the ruling New Democracy party he chairs, Greek media reported on Sunday.

Demonstrators with Greek and Russian national flags took to the streets of the second-largest Greek city on Saturday night, chanting "Greece, Russia, Orthodoxy" in condemnation of the government's approach to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine to the news Break portal. The demonstration was accompanied by a motor rally of about 50 cars calling for "peace with Russia," the local media reported.

The rally was organized by the Greek orthodox club Holy Corps 2012, which called on the city residents to join "a patriot peaceful rally against Russophobia.

"An unprecedented destruction of everything Russian and provocative sanctions against Russia only harm Greek tourism, Greek exports and the Greek economy. The prices of fuel, gas and basic necessities are growing daily as a result of NATO sanctions against Russia. Meanwhile, they break down the ties of friendship with our orthodox Russian brothers in faith," the Holy Corps 2012 said in a statement.

Mitsotakis backed a comprehensive package of sanctions imposed on Russia for its special military operation in Ukraine, stressing that these measures will give a severe blow to Moscow, imperilling its economic and geopolitical stance from a medium and possibly long term perspective.