Two sanctioned Russian tankers detained in Greece


Two Russian tankers, including Aframax tanker PEGAS in understood, loaded condition, were detained at Karystos Bay, Petalioi Gulf, Attica, Greece, for reportedly, violation of EU sanctions against Russian ships. PEGAS was to STS offload her cargo off Peloponnese (or more probably, was already engaged in STS), but suffered mechanical failure and on Apr 14 was towed, or escorted, to Karystos Bay, by a Greek tug.

The ship’s track and records are rather confused, with prolonged gaps. The tanker was acquired by Russia in 2020, and already twice changed her name – she was PERUN in 2020-2021, and she’s PEGAS since Jun 2021. Understood she sailed from Marmara Turkey, Marmara sea, in early April.
VF TANKER 2 left Piraeus on Apr 17, bound for Kavkaz port, Russia, Black sea, but interrupted her voyage and sailed in Karystos Bay, reason unknown.
Understood both tankers are detained because of the EU ban on all Russian ships, calling EU ports and even inner waters.

All of it is rather confused and unclear, understood the EU States don’t know exactly how to apply sanctions against Russian shipping, and to what extent. So in this case, the duration of detention is unclear, local maritime authorities remain to wait for instructions.

Source Fleetmon

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