€7 for a gyros and €4 for a small beer: What prices will be like in Greece this summer

Gyros mythos beer prices

Greece has seen higher rates of price growth in the past few months, almost the highest in two decades, followed by grocery prices.

For the public, it looks like a shock psychologically. For example, the famous Greek gyros is already €4, but if they serve you as a meal (served on a plate, with attachments and no pita bread), €7 will be the charge, writes Serbian outlet Telegraph Business.

A cup of Freddo espresso is €5 and a small beer is €4-5, but the price of pastries remains largely the same.

Fuel has gone up, but it is still cheaper at some pumps than in Serbia. Statistics show that the prices of fruits, vegetables, oil, fat, bread and meat products have gone up.

Yet, unlike Germany, where certain foods are missing, there is everything in Greece so far.

Over time, many guests from Serbia realised that it was worth more to them to own an apartment in Greece than to rent apartments every year. Later, it turned into a business for some individuals.

In 2010, a law was passed that apartments could be rented individually, so now we have a situation where Serbs in Greece rent apartments to Greeks.

All those who have invested since 2011 have been in the country. In 2017, prices started to rise sharply and the Serbs now have a lump of gold in some way as they can sell apartments for twice the amount they originally bought them for.

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