Greek Labor Day strike halts Athens tram and metro

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Greek Labor Day strikes announced by transportation unions mean that Athens metro and tram will not run at all on Labor Day (Sunday).

STASY staff said they will honor May 1 with a 24-hour strike, and "the pioneering fighters of the labor class."

The Labor Day of May 1, which this year falls on Sunday, will be observed on Monday (May 2), a national holiday. STASY staff said that on Monday, Athens tram lines and the tram will follow a Sunday schedule.

As mentioned earlier, buses and trolleys will operate between 09:00 and 21:00 on Sunday, as OASA and IPAP unions will be joining the 24-hour strike called by the private sector union GSEE. Buses are expected to be withdrawn from service as early as 20:00.

The National Federation of Railroad Employees also called for a 24-hour strike on Sunday. An updated schedule by managers TrainOSE was released on the intercity trains that will run, with their start times, including connections with buses.

Travellers with tickets for trains or buses for May 1 that have been cancelled may use the same ticket to travel on the same train or bus/seat. Those wishing other changes or cancellation must come to a ticket booth before their trip.