Turkey was the one that decided not to participate in the NATO exercise, Turkish press claims

Turkish f-16 jets Turkey greek airspace

A different reality regarding the NATO exercise, "Tiger Meet" and the (non)-participation of Turkey in it, is presented by the Turkish press.

Specifically, while the Greek Ministry of Defence decided to cancel the invitation to Ankara to participate in the exercise for its numerous violations of Greece's airspace in the Aegean and overflights, even over inhabited islands, Sabah claims that Turkey was the one, by itself, who withdrew from the exercise due to disagreements over technical issues.


"Before each exercise, the host country prepares a technical agreement for the conduct of the activities," Sabah wrote.

"It is noted that Greece, which prepared this year's technical regulation, amended this document with an approach aimed at Turkey, aimed at the differences between the two countries.

"The Air Force Command immediately took action against these deliberate additions and demanded that the technical regulation be changed, which is contrary to international law. Turkey's persistent demands were not accepted by Greece.

"It was decided that Turkey would not participate in the exercises as Greece was manipulating them in accordance with its political interests.

"It became known that the decision taken for the non-participation of the Turkish Air Force in the exercises was sent to the Greek authorities."

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