Albanian man arrested after kicking kitten into the sea


Minister Takis Theodorikakos voiced shock at the incident, which triggered outrage on Greek social media Sunday after a video was posted online, apparently by one of the suspect's friends.

“Violence against animals is unacceptable," Theodorikakos said in a Facebook post. “I cordially congratulate those who brought the matter to the public attention.”

The video showed people dining outdoors at a seaside restaurant in a village on the island of Evia, central Greece.

Two kittens approached, asking for food. One of the group held a small fish in front of one of the kittens, enticing it to come closer, and when it did, kicked it into the sea. The second kitten escaped.

Greek media said locals took the kitten to a vet for examination, and it was unhurt.

If charged and convicted of animal abuse, the suspect faces up to 10 years in prison and a maximum 50,000-euro ($52,000) fine.