Turkey stops granting residence permits for Pakistanis months after Greece sought new visa deal

Pakistani passport Turkey

Merely months after the Greek government attempted to introduce a visa scheme for Pakistani labourers to work in Greece, Turkey has tightened its visa policies for Pakistani nationals just days after several of them were found complicit in the abduction of four Nepalese in Istanbul, according to local media..

The widespread criminal activities carried out by Pakistani nationals in Turkey have alarmed the Turkish authorities, resulting in the issuing of temporary residence permits to Pakistanis to be suspended.

According to reports, four Nepalis were kidnapped in Istanbul's Taksim Square by Pakistani men.

The Nepalis were walking around the area when they were kidnapped at gunpoint and taken to a residence where they were mistreated and tapes of them were made.

The kidnappers requested a ransom of 10,000 euros for their release.

The suspects, who range in age from 16 to 35, were charged with robbery, kidnapping, intentional injury, and violating gun law.

Another group of Pakistani crooks was apprehended last year in Istanbul after kidnapping a fellow countryman and demanded a 50,000 euro ransom.

In Istanbul, Ankara, and other major cities around Turkey, a large number of Pakistanis reside and work.

Prior to the incident, Turkish authorities detained some Pakistani nationals in protest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan's removal from power.

After Pakistani diplomats intervened in Turkey, they were eventually released. The kidnapping has been denounced by Pakistanis living in Turkey.

They are concerned that similar instances elsewhere in the world may tarnish Pakistan's image.

It is recalled that former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan announced after his February 7 meeting with Greek Migration Minister Notis Mitarachi that:

“[there’s an] initiative of establishing legal migration channels which will open avenues for Pakistani skilled labour” to work in Greece.

Greeks were incensed by this news as it effectively awarded Pakistan for its hostile actions against Greece and for the fact that criminality, such as rape, has skyrocketed since the influx of Pakistanis to the country following the 2015 refugee crisis.

There was also outrage because of Islamabad’s evident and unapologetic Turkophilia, so-much-so that has culminated with the country’s officials visiting occupied northern Cyprus and participating in military exercises that violate Greece’s borders.

However, as Greece City Times broke, the Ministry of Migration and Asylum quietly set aside, for now, ideas of implementing a visa scheme for Pakistani labourers to work in Greece.

Only days ago a 23-year-old Pakistani man was arrested in the Athens neighbourhood of ​​Colonus by police officers of the Immediate Action (Group G) for kidnapping a minor, as well as complicity and violence against employees.

The 23-year-old together with his accomplices located on April 28 the 17-year-old near Larissa Station and abducted her, transporting her to their apartment, where they kept her against her will.

The 17-year-old managed to escape and call for help. Police immediately rushed to the spot where they located and arrested the 23-year-old foreigner, who was identified by the victim.

This is only the latest incident of violence, sexual assault and rape that are disproportionately committed by Pakistani men in Greece.

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