More than 10,000 yachts and boats for sale in Greece!

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More than 10,000 small or large yachts have come out of the "hammer" due to the huge rise in fuel prices!

According to News Auto, the price of unleaded rising to over 2 euros per litre has made even a short boat ride literally prohibitive as a small 20 litre tank now needs over 40 euros while last year it was not even 30 euros.

Of course, the larger the boat or speedboat, the higher the cost of use as propulsion engines increase in both cubic capacity and consumption.

It will also be a big blow for yacht and boat companies as the high cost of use distracts consumers from the idea of ​​acquiring a boat or yacht.

Now there are many ads posted for the sale of boats as the owners do not have the financial ability to maintain them anymore.

The prices of motor boat rentals are also high.

The rise in fuel prices has also affected the rental prices of motor yachts and boats as the filling of a tank has multiplied.

The result of the above will be the big drop in yacht rentals by aspiring captains as an 80 euros ride has already risen to over 120 euros!

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