Turkey relaunches its "Turkaegean" tourism campaign with ancient Greek sites and tsifteteli

Turkaegean Turkey trademark greece

Turkey for a consecutive year has launched its "Turkaegean" tourism campaign in a provocative attempt to deHellenise the name of the Aegean Sea.

From Ankara - as last year - they are trying to establish the term "Turkaegean" to promote the coast of Asia Minor.

The west coast of Turkey, which includes Izmir, Ephesus, Ayvalik and many well-known historical sites with rich Greek history, is one of the seven major regions of the country.

Until today, its predominant name in Turkey was "Aegean Region". However, the term "Turkaegean" is now used in English, "Turkiye Egéene" in French and "Türkische Ägäis" in German.

See the campaign of Turkey with historical Greek sites, seafood and ... bouzouki.

Aegean gets its name from Augeus, the father of Theseus who co-founded Athens city and defeated the Minotatur in Crete.

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