Albert Bourla invites Bill Gates to Greece, Microsoft founder plans to visit the islands

Bill Gates Albert Bourla

Bill Gates was invited by Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla to arrive in Athens today and then eventually travel onwards to the islands.

The American businessman and founder of Microsoft will stay a few days to see Greece, most likely together with Albert Bourla, who invited him to our country according to Proto Thema.

Gates will stay in the presidential suite of the Hotel Grande Bretagne.

The businessman was at the World Forum in Davos in the previous days, while two weeks ago he tested positive for coronavirus.

Microsoft's 1 billion investment in Greece

As it is known, Microsoft will make a significant investment in Greece - a large data centre to support cloud services aimed at customers of the Microsoft Azure platform.

The infrastructure of this data centre will be constructed in three different areas in Attica that will be interconnected and will have coverage in the wider region of Southeast Europe.

The mega investment will be fully operational in two-three years.

Gates was in Greece in 2008 to inaugurate the Microsoft Innovation Centre in Athens.

During his visit to Davos, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis met with the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, and the President of the company, Brad Smith, as part of the work of the World Economic Forum.

The meeting referred to the significant progress that has been made in the digitisation of the state and public services in Greece in the last three years.

The Prime Minister presented to Nadella and Smith the rapid development of the technological sector in Greece, the dynamics of start-ups, which attract strong investment interest from abroad, and the complex strategic advantage offered by the geographical position of Greece, the highly skilled workforce and connectivity to the wider region.

Mitsotakis underlined that Greece was a pioneer of the digital vaccination certificate in the EU and organisation of a fully digital vaccination campaign.

The meeting also discussed the progress in the implementation of Microsoft's investment for the creation of a hub with three data centres in Attica.

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