The Exhibition of Adult Painting, Marroussi, Greece

Exhibition of Adult Painting, Marroussi, Greece

The 2nd Exhibition of Adult Painting opened its doors to the public at the Spyros Louis Olympic Arts and Cultural Center in Maroussi, Greece on May 23, 2022.

I was cordially invited to cover the event for Greek City Times at which the participating artists showcased mixed techniques employing watercolour, acrylic, ink, charcoal and pencil on canvas artworks.

The exhibition artworks were curated by Mrs Betty Karousi, an Art Teacher from the Department of Adults, who aside from being a well-known painter, also practices sculpture and engraving.

The painting exhibition was inaugurated by the President of the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Maroussi (KEDA) Mr. Nikos Peppas representing the Mayor Mr. Theodoros Ampatzoglou, in the presence of the President of the Municipal Council Mr. Dimitris Smyrnis, the Deputy Mayor of Politics Protection and Public Health Mr. Stefanos Tsipourakis, the President of OKOIPADA Mr. Petros Koniaris, the Vice President of KEDA Mrs. Katerina Vourlaki, the Executive Director of Tourism Development Mrs. Fani Lekka and the Culture Advisor to the Mayor Mrs. Anna Vagiona.

The President of KEDA Mr. Nikos Peppas delivered a speech, welcoming the public on behalf of the Mayor Mr. Theodoros Ampatzoglou.

The President of the Municipal Council Mr. Dimitris Smyrnis congratulated everyone for their participation and noted the absolute support of the Municipal Authority for programs and actions that cultivate Art and Culture.

The Vice President of KEDA Mrs. Katerina Vourlaki stressed the overall aesthetic result of the exhibition that stems from the creative imagination of great artists.

In his speech Mr. Nikos Kalamatianos stressed the diversity of each artwork that depicts the psychosynthesis of a painter. He noted that the artist who most stands out for her uniqueness and as an inspiration for all the artists is Mrs. Betty Karousi.

Exhibition of Adult Painting, Marroussi, Greece

Some of the personalities who attended the opening were Paralympics Athlete Yiannis Kostakis, Architect and Thinker Dimitris Kosteletos, Architect Kostas Berdos, Painter Chrysa Vergi, Fashion China Overseas Correspondent Daniela Shaw and Photographer Angelos Maniatis.

Also in attendance was the President Konstantinos Soldatos and the Vice President Dimitris Theocharis, both from the Cultural Association of Psalidi ‘Zoodochos Pigi’.

Right after the inaugural speeches and presentation, all guests were invited to a cocktail party.

Photo credit to Angelos Maniatis.

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