Helena Paparizou talks about her botox and weight: "What can we do? I am no longer 20"

Helena Paparizou

Helena Paparizou in an interview referred to the negative comments she receives from time to time about her weight.

The beloved singer spoke to "Real Life" and revealed that she takes care of herself by avoiding exaggerations.

"I am not exaggerating. I like to live as simply as possible," she said.

"Besides, I said I did botox, now I went and did a second botox.

"It is a small amount and does not structure the face. I do not like hyaluronic acid.

"What I'm saying is that the body is changing, what can we do, I'm no longer 20.

"I do not have such a body. As a child I put on and lost weight.

"I like to take care of my skin, to apply my creams, we just in the southern suburbs are a little more relaxed, we have been in flip flops since the morning", said the singer.


Regarding body shaming, Paparizou says: "Someone expressed himself very badly and a lot of people defended me - finally! Thank you, because I'm not the only woman like that."

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