Half-naked, raving mad man with shotgun arrested outside Greek Parliament


A half-naked,  raving man wielding a shotgun was arrested in front of Greek Parliament  in the early hours of Tuesday after threatening to open fire against the police and the , according to Kathimerini newspaper.

According to the media outlet, the man was carrying a banner that read: “King Minos – Coup,” as he turned  up in front of Parliament at around 3 a.m. and started shouting incoherently and waving a shotgun.

The man was immediately surrounded by police, who also cordoned off the area to motor and foot traffic while they tried to calm the man down, disarm him and place him under arrest.

According to reports, the man did not appear to have any specific claims and could not provide an explanation for his actions. He also threatened to kill himself at one point during the negotiations for his surrender.

The entire incident lasted for around 90 minutes.


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