Murder of Alkis Kabanos: Autopsy showed more than 30 wounds to his body

Alkis Kabanos

The body of 19-year-old Alkis Kabanos, who was murdered by a PAOK fan in Thessaloniki, had more than 30 injuries, the forensic examination showed. According to the finding, four of the wounds were on the head while two others were cracked fractures.

The medical examiner, in fact, concluded that his death came from a combination of these injuries and mainly from the craniocerebral injuries caused by the blows with the scythe, the knife and the crowbar.

It is recalled that the Medical Examiner and Director of the Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Laboratory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Lida-Kalliopi Kovatsi, had described to SKAI the brutality of the blows to the head, the femoral artery with the scythe, the knife and the carburetor.

Twelve accused

At the same time, as reported by GRTimes, for the deadly attack with hooligan motives that shocked all of Greece, 12 people are accused and are remanded in custody after their testimonies. They were prosecuted for manslaughter, attempted manslaughter and for other crimes.

The 7th regular interrogator of Thessaloniki, four months after the incident, completed the investigation. According to GRTimes, no additional prosecutions were filed and no new persons were involved in the case.

Alkis Kabanos

The voluminous case file was forwarded to a prosecutor who will make a proposal to the Council of Criminal Courts of Thessaloniki, for their referral to trial. The case file includes testimony, DNA tests, removal of communications, audiovisual material from cameras, digital expertise and other evidence.

Father of Alkis: I believe in justice, she knows her job well

At the hearing of the completion of the main interrogation, the father of Alkis Kabanos said to ThessToday: "I do not know how I will feel when I see the murderers of my child, in front of me. All the images are still fresh in my mind. I do not know how I will feel, I do not feel ready."

"I warmly thank the state institutions that acted very quickly. They all fell face down on my child, so we can find out what happened. I ask only for justice for my child, but also for all the children who were killed. Nothing less, nothing more. I believe in justice, she knows her job very well," stressed Mr. Kabanos.

Alkis Kambanos, along with two friends were intercepted and attacked at around 1 AM by PAOK hooligan in an area dominated by Aris supporters.

Alkis Kabanos

The 19-year-old, who had no hooligan affiliation, bled to death, while the other two victims were being treated for multiple injuries at Papanikolaou Hospital.

According to reports, one of the attackers asked the victim which soccer team he backed before launching into the assault. Harilaou is the Thessaloniki district where the football field of the soccer club Aris is located.

In a rare display of unity, Thessaloniki’s football clubs joined forces in condemning the murder.

Alkis Kabanos

The soccer club Aris said in a statement “Another young man was killed by a group of murderers, who have been circulating and operating undisturbed in Thessaloniki for years.

He made the ‘mistake’ of supporting Aris and being with his friends in their neighborhood.”

Aris’ arch-rival team PAOK issued a statement saying that “our society, our city and our country cannot tolerate the deaths of young people under the pretext of fan preferences. We mourn every loss.”

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis expressed his abhorrence of the teen’s murder during a conversation with MPs on the sidelines of a meeting with party officials in Thessaloniki Tuesday and contacted Citizen Protection Minister Takis Theodorikakos asking him that priority be given to the investigation of the crime.

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