Purple Jellyfish seen in coastal Athens waters this summer be aware

purple jelly fish athens

Bathers should be careful when swimming in the sea this summer as the population of purple jellyfish has increased.

Jellyfish (Pelagia noctiluca) is considered one of the most dangerous species in the Mediterranean. Its bite is very painful due to the neurotoxin contained in the stinging cells.

Campers should be very well informed about what to do if they get “burned”.

Remember: vinegar, as well as fresh water, alcohol, ammonia, do NOT help with the bite of this type of jellyfish, but, on the contrary, worsen the condition and pain. The pain on this type of jellyfish can be reduced by a slightly alkaline solution (baking soda dissolved in an appropriate amount of sea water) and not by acid.

Most purple jellyfish have been recorded in the Saronic Gulf. According to the iNaturalist map, here are some of the popular beaches in Attica where marine life the was spotted in 2022:

  1. Kavouri beach
  2. Vouliagmeni coast
  3. Glystra beach (Lagonisi)
  4. Nisaki beach (Lavrio)
  5. Koroni Beach (Porto Rafti)
  6. Avlaki Beach (Porto Rafti)
  7. Vravrona beach
  8. Argira Akti (Nea Makri).