Heated exchange between Greek MPs and Turkish DM at NATO meeting

Greek MPs Hulusi Akar NATO

Greek MPs and Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar had a heated exchange during the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Committee, resulting in the latter leaving the meeting in an irritated mood.

Speaking at a meeting of the NATO parliamentary committee in Istanbul, Akar once again raised the issue of territorial waters and the demilitarisation of the Aegean islands.

He also accused Greece of supporting terrorism.

In fact, according to parliamentary sources, the Turkish Minister of Defence tried to highlight the Turkish accusations of alleged support of terrorists from Greece, by revoking the theory about a supposed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) training camp in Lavrio.

The Greek delegation took the floor and first MP Spilios Libanos, and head of the Greek side, replied that Greece is fighting terrorism.

They also told him that Turkey cannot claim to respect the sovereignty of countries when it has invaded Cyprus.

The Greek delegation added, referring to the Turkish policy, “you question the sovereignty of many of our islands”.

Akar took the floor again to respond angrily to the Greek MPs (Theodora Tzakri, Spilios Libanos, Andreas Loverdos and Manousos Voloudakis), speaking in Turkish, while his initial position was in English.

The Greek MPs also referred to the Casus Belli, telling the Turkish Minister of Defence that there can be no NATO alliance when Ankara issues such threats in case Athens extends Greek territorial waters to 12 nautical miles, in accordance with the United Nations Law of the Sea.

This argument continued for 12 to 13 minutes until Akar left the room.

“Many Greeks spoke, I do not want to hear anymore, I have obligations”, said the Turkish Minister of Defence according to sources before he left the room irritated.

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