Pyatt at Senate hearing for new post: "Proud' to have worked with Greece to promote energy diversity"

Geoffrey R. Pyatt

Former United States Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt spoke of his six-year tenure in Greece (2016-2022) as something he "was proud of", during his hearing at the Senate on Thursday as President Joe Biden's nominee for Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources.

Addressing the Committee on Foreign Relations, Pyatt said that energy issues "have been a major focus through the past two decades" of his career.

If confirmed, he said, he would "continue ENR's (Bureau of Energy Resources) to bolster fuel supplies on the global market and thwart Russia’s use of energy as a weapon of war."

Referring to his recently concluded tenure in Athens, the former ambassador said, "Energy diversification is crucial to this effort."

"Over six years in Athens, I was proud to partner with the Greek government to help that country become a leading ally promoting diversity of energy sources and routes in Europe.

"Importantly, our Embassy team also supported Greece to adopt one of the EU’s most ambitious energy transition agendas, often partnering with American companies that are creating jobs here at home."

In his role as US ambassador to Ukraine, he “saw every day how Russia weaponised energy to undermine European sovereignty and facilitate corruption.”

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