Arabs in Mykonos buy 200 bottles of champagne but do not drink it

Arabs champagne Mykonos

The Arab invasion began on the Cycladic island of Mykonos and with the... good morning, they made sure to do what they know how to do better than anyone: not to go unnoticed by spending money excessively and wastefully.

In Nammos, for example, a group of young Arabs opened on Sunday, more or less, over 200 champagnes.

According to Proto Thema, this was not to consume them, but to play pranks with each other, the famous "champagne showers", a custom of Arab customers, who literally "scatter" their money where they are given the opportunity to squander.

And Nammos generously offered this kind of opportunity.

Money flows at the same rate as champagne often on the floor, since those who open it usually do not drink it, but order it to show off their wealth.

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