Nusret's expensive baklava in Mykonos has divided social media: "Seriously now?" (VIDEO)

baklava nusret Mykonos

Prices in Mykonos are more expensive than any other time in history.

A few days ago we talked about the most expensive bougatsa in Greece, which can be found in Mykonos, but now it's time to talk about another sweet that can be found there at an astronomical price.

Nusret baklava is not a new dish, but one of the most famous in all its restaurants.

It is not just any baklava though. It comes with pistachio and ice cream, which comes to the table and is intricately cut either by the Turkish chef himself or by an employee of the shop.

And if you are wondering how a simple piece can be skillfully cut, you can just watch the video below that has managed to go viral.

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Its price, as we see in the menu of the store, reaches 25 euros for a relatively small piece, which is then cut into six even smaller ones.

If now someone wants to get the best baklava in the store, there the price goes up to 100 euros.


Because Nusret dresses it with an edible gold leaf, launching its price. And yet, there are some who order it.

At the same time, a big debate has started in Tik Tok about Nusret's sweet and whether it is finally worth the money. Most people, however, wonder why this show is taking place and why this particular sweet has such a price.

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Nusret loved the islands from the first moment he set foot on the island, when in 2019 he closed the deal with Zannis Francesco and Sami Ibrahim to operate “Nusr-Et”.

The place was ideal – where “Casa Tu” was housed for one season, with a great view of Chora and after the relevant renovations it opened at the beginning of June.

It was already expected that it would be a disaster, but it took only a few hours to hear everywhere about the new restaurant of the Kurdish chef.

The prices have a Mykonos aroma, with the cheapest burger starting from 40-45 euros while a portion of parmesan flavoured fries with truffle will be served to customers for 25 euros.

Of course, those who want something more and want to have Nusret over their head, should order the golden burger for 170 euros – the bread is covered with edible gold leaf – or the golden steak of 350 euros!

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