Theorist of Blue Homeland: "Locals on Mytilene, Samos and Kastelorizo will revolt if we blockade the islands"

Cihat Yaycı Mytilene Samos Kastelorizo

The isolation and exclusion of Mytilene, Samos and Kastelorizo ​​is demanded by the nationalist influencer Cihat Yaycı, a retired Admiral and "theorist" of the "Blue Homeland", in order to put pressure on Greece for the demilitarisation of its Aegean islands.

"We can bring Greece to its knees without fighting," he told a Haber Turk show, presenting a map of the three specific islands, which Yaycı set as an "example", as he said provocatively.

As he believes, a blockade of these islands by air and sea will lead to a revolt of the local population against Greek authorities.

"I repeat, without a fight. I just put it as an example (meaning the map shown on the screen). In Mytilene, Samos and Kastelorizo, without landing any army and without firing at all, only to isolate and exclude them and in a week the people there will revolt against Greece," he stated.

The theorist of the "Blue Homeland" doctrine has a fanatical audience in Turkey with his extreme statements and attitudes being transmitted to the Turkish media.

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