Rhodes: Drunk tourists lie in overflowing rubbish bins - See photos

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Images of shame were recorded on Monday on the island of Rhodes after excessive consumption of alcohol by tourists who, having lost all control, lay down even in overflowing bins on Orfanidou Street.

The spectacle caused the indignation of the inhabitants of the area.

Indicative are the images of RealVoice995, in which tourists can be seen, in the early hours of Monday, being among the volumes of garbage, in a semi-willing state due to alcohol abuse.

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Rhodes rubbish bins

At the same time, residents, shopkeepers, but also workers in the area, report daily disgusting incidents, including beatings and wild fights between tourists that unfold at night under the influence of intoxication.

As it is reported, in fact, "gangs" have been set up that go so far as to threaten people.

Five days ago, according to three eyewitnesses, a man was taken injured to the General Hospital of Rhodes, after being beaten by a group of foreigners.

Incidents of violence take place not only at night but also during the day. Tourists get to the point of breaking bottles and threatening people even with knives.

Residents and workers in the area are calling for reinforcements of the police, with patrols, to stop the fierce clashes.

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