Rhodes: Illegal migrants arrive at Tsambika beach and pass by shocked bathers (VIDEO)


A group of illegal migrants who arrived in Greece with the help of smugglers based on the coast of Turkey were once again spotted on the Tsambika beach of Rhodes as bathers looked on in shock.

In the video, the smugglers that took the illegal immigrants to the island can be seen at a distance from the beach.

According to what was made known by the Coast Guard, a dangerous episode had preceded it, which resulted in the arrest of five foreigners, as well as their four foreign traffickers, aged 21, 22, 37 and 24.

In fact, during the incident, the men of the Coast Guard had fired warning shots, asking the traffickers to stop the sailboat in which they were transporting the migrants.

See the video from the beach:

In the meantime, about 15 migrants had arrived at the exact same beach again about a month ago, at the time when there was a party by beachgoers!

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