Propaganda video for "Turkaegean" by the national network TRT with Greek subs


Propaganda video explaining the term "Turkaegean" is promoted on the social media networks of Turkey's national TRT network, but with Greek subtitles.

The video, which shows picturesque beaches, clear waters, attractions and antiquities of the Asia Minor coast, defiantly states that Turkey submitted a request to the EU intellectual property office for registering the term "Turkaegean".

This is because Greece "made the world perceive the Aegean as a Greek region."

"The Turkish Aegean is one of the finest regions that Turkey has to offer. It has shores surrounded by clear blue waters, many historical sites dating back to the 2nd century BC. and idyllic beaches to soak up the radiant sun," said the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy.

"The approval of the term 'Turkaegean' has angered many in Greece," says the video, which then takes the opportunity to repeat the fixed Turkish positions on the militarisation of the Aegean islands by our country.

"The tension between Turkey and Greece has flared up after the recent militarisation of the Aegean islands by Athens.

Despite Turkey's opposition and the objections stemming from international agreements, Greece violates their civilian status," he says, displaying a provocative map and concludes by saying: "Greece has been militarising the islands since the 1960s and has now militarized 16 islands in the East Aegean".

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