Rubicon attack the Moroccan embassy in Greece with paint over migrant deaths

Moroccan embassy in Greece

A paint attack on the Moroccan embassy in Greece, located in ​​Psychiko, was carried out early on Friday by members of Rubicon.

The members of Rubikon, as can be seen in a video they made public, sprayed the entrance of the embassy with red paint.

Moroccan embassy in Greece

Moroccan embassy in Greece

Moroccan embassy in Greece

As mentioned in a text posted on the Rubicon website, the intervention with red paint was done as a sign of solidarity with refugees and immigrants after the recent events on the border between Morocco and Spain when 23 immigrants lost their lives.

On June 25, thousands of people — most of them from sub-Saharan Africa — attempted to illegally cross from Morocco into the Spanish enclave of Melilla.

The territory borders Morocco and is located on the African continent — not continental Europe like most of Spain.

At least 23 migrants died, while an additional 20 plus two security officers remain in the hospital. More than 500 of the migrants successfully entered Melilla, according to Agence France-Presse.

A video obtained by the Spanish news outlet ABC showed the group climbing a metal fence when Moroccan security forces arrived and fired what appeared to be smoke grenades at the migrants. Part of the fence then collapsed, and many of the migrants fell to the ground.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez blamed traffickers for the incident and defended the response of Spanish and Moroccan security forces. He told The Associated Press that some of the migrants attacked the fence with axes and hooks.

Two days before the deadly crossing attempt, Moroccan security forces clashed with migrants seeking to enter Melilla. More than 127,000 have crossed into Melilla from Morocco since the border was reopened in May, according to data obtained by the Spanish news outlet EFE.

Irregular crossings from Morocco into Spain have an impact on international relations in the region. Morocco has blamed the recent incident on longtime foe Algeria.

The Moroccan Embassy in Madrid said the migrants entered Morocco via Algeria and benefitted from the country’s “deliberate laxity” toward the border with Morocco.

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