The average hotel price in Athens and other popular cities across the world in July

Hotel Central Plaka Athens

Online hotel prices show a stabilisation trend in July, at the levels of June, with small fluctuations, in most popular tourist cities worldwide, according to data from Trivago and presented by Travel.

Despite this, the prices register significant increases if the comparison is made with the prices of last July.

The average online price per night in a double room in an Athens hotel for this July is €143, at the same levels as last June. It is noted that in July 2021, the average online price was €108.

In other European cities the online prices are as follows:

In Amsterdam the average price is €238 this month compared to €134 in July 2021, in Barcelona it is €234 compared to €141, in Berlin it is €163 compared to €101, in Brussels it is €155 compared to €121, in Dublin it is €283 compared to €150, in Lisbon it is €193 euros compared to €117 euros, in London it is €287 euros compared to €156, in Madrid it is €154 compared tot €106, in Paris it is €246 euros compared to €151, in Rome it is €172 compared to €112, in Vienna it is €154 compared to €120 and in Zurich it is €257 compare to €192.

Accordingly, the online prices at the hotels of particularly popular tourist cities, outside Europe in July are as follows:

In Bangkok the average price is €56 vs €43 in July 2021, in Buenos Aires it is €107 vs € 53, in Cairo it is €112 vs €76, in Chicago it is €331 vs €198, in Dubai it is €149 vs €111, in Hong Kong it is €102 vs €74, in Johannesburg it is €75 vs €68, in Las Vegas it is €194 vs €160, in Melbourne it is €166 vs €129, in Miami it is €238 vs €232, in New York it is €336 vs €205, in Rio de Janeiro it is €72 vs €48, in San Francisco it is €266 vs €171, in Seoul it is €88 vs €69, in Shanghai it is €114 vs €101, in Singapore it is €183 vs €122, in Sydney it is €167 vs €129, in Tokyo it is €99 against €127 and in Toronto it is €311 vs €154.

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