The Greek Warrior and Magic Johnson: "I spoke to him about Ancient Greece"

Magic Johnson LL Cool J Athens

The photos of the NBA legend Magic Johnson's vacation with his wife and his friends, including the well-known rapper LL Cool J, in Greece have been making the rounds of the internet for a few days now, drawing countless flattering comments about the beauties of our country.

Among the landscapes that impressed the online friends of the former Los Angeles Lakers ace, the photos from the Holy Rock of the Acropolis, which he described as a "life changing" experience, filled with so much biblical history.

Among the photos he liked was the one with the ancient Greek warrior, whom the famous group spotted at the foot of the Acropolis and a little while after their tour of the world heritage monument, took a photo with.

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The warrior has donned the outfit for ten years due to the financial crisis, and according to Proto Thema, at first he did not understand who the company was who shouted to him loudly: "come here, come here."

"I was heading towards the Acropolis, where tourists usually find me. Suddenly I hear someone shouting at me "come here, come here," without me understanding at that moment who it was," he said.

"Then he says: 'I want to take a picture together'. Their faces did something to me, but I didn't want to put them in a difficult position, that I recognised them, especially Magic Johnson.

"I gave him the shield and the rapper the spear. We stood for the photo shoot and as Johnson's wife goes to photograph us, out of nowhere came cameras, photographers."

Lefteris Mylonopoulos, the warrior, even had a few minutes of conversation with the famous company.

"We talked for a while because initially they gave me their hand to greet me and then I revealed to them the way in which the ancient Greeks exchanged greetings 2,500 years ago," he said.

"I spoke to them about a symbol of the meander which symbolises Victory and Unity, a symbol of Infinity and Eternal Life.

"Unfortunately, tourists later recognised them and wanted a selfie with them. But they thanked me warmly and I continued on my way."

This year, the young ancient Greek marks ten years in this job , which he started with the advent of the economic crisis when he was unemployed.

"This year I mark ten years of dressing up as an ancient Greek and taking pictures with people, something that started because of the economic crisis, where things were difficult then for me and my future. I finally found acceptance and love from the world," he said.

"Of course, most people think that the state has hired me for this job, as it happens in other countries, but it is not so. I am not paid by anyone, anyone who wants to give something for the photo is fine."

He is also behind the creation of the impressive costume: "The whole costume is handmade, I made it myself."

"It's just that in the intervening years some things have changed. The first armour was leather and the current one is polyester covered with leather, making it visually more impressive.

"The helmet is also made of polyester, as is the shield which is now light.

"I am happy for all that has been done because I love it. Most tourists when they approach me want to know things about Ancient Greece and I explain to them things that even professional tour guides do not know or at least don't tell them.

"I try to keep up to date and learn something new all the time. As long as I can I will advertise my country".

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