Thessaloniki: Pediatric surgeon sentenced to prison for amputating two fingers of an infant

baby hand

A pediatric surgeon was sentenced to 6 months in prison, with a three-year suspension, as he was found guilty by the Single-member Criminal Court for the amputation of two fingers of an infant after an operation at the Hippocrates Hospital of Thessaloniki.

According to the case file, the 15-month-old boy had undergone a finger separation operation in 2017, as he was facing a problem from birth. However, complications arose after the surgery, resulting in the amputation of the two fingers.

The case reached the Court, following an appeal by the boy's family, which spoke of "unjust amputation", stressing that this development "condemned the child to not being able to perform many functions in his daily life".

According to Proto Thema, the surgeon in his plea denied the charge of negligent bodily harm and argued, among other things, that the complications that occurred could not have been avoided.

He was found guilty of causing bodily harm by negligence, with a finding of mitigation, while he appealed against the conviction.

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