Organic olives and olive oil from Sparta in Greece were studied by American universities

olive oil

Organic, award-winning, without pasteurization and chemical additives, Greek Kalamata olives and olive oil, from the roots of Taygetus, have been “studied” in famous universities of the USA in recent years reports.

For the Spartan organic olives, it is the first time they take their “own test” by taking part in research programs of universities of the USA not just as a simple or bio-functional food but as a potential food supplement that can offer multiple benefits to human health.

The start was made by Harvard and Yale, which studied olive oil and the content of table olives from the well-known and multi-awarded Sakellaropoulos Organic Farms in Sparta Laconia.

This was followed by at least three other universities that are planning similar studies, while one of these and specifically the one carried out by Yale University under the general title “Olives for Health”, which is conducted by the Yale School of Public Health and the Department of Cardiology at the Yale School of Medicine, is now included in the well-known scientific open database of clinical trials, of the 50 USA states and 220 other countries, and is maintained by the National Library of Medicine at the US National Institutes of Health.