Turkish Media: Anger over Greek-American "Poseidon's Rage" exercise

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The large joint military exercise between Greece and the USA, named "POSEIDON'S RAGE 22", which took place in various regions of the country between 11-20 July, disturbed the Turks, with pro -government Turkish media discussing an exercise which "boosted the morale" of Greece.

According to the Turkish press, the boost in morale was due to the presence of American F-35s.

With the title: "The exercise in Crete boosted the morale of the Greeks. Soon our F-35s will fly together", the TR Haber network refers to the exercise that was successfully completed, but also to the American presence in Souda.

The report stated how Greek and American officials visited the static exhibition of American F -35 fighter jets, which seems to have upset Turkish media.

"Posing with the Americans in front of the F-35s, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said: 'Soon the American and Greek F-35s will fly together in the Aegean',” commented TR Haber, projecting the statements of Dendias.

They also commented that Dendias expressed the hope that soon Turkey will see American F-35s training together with Greek F-35s.

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"The administration of Athens is preparing to submit a formal request to Washington for the purchase of F-35 fighter jets. The Greek media claim that 40 F-35s will be requested from the US," reported TR Haber.

"It is known that Washington views this request positively. The air exercise in Crete therefore gave the Americans the opportunity to market the F-35," claimed the outlet.

They also referred to the new US ambassador in Athens, who was described as "very important" for Greece's move to procure F-35 from Washington.

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