Turkish consulate in Mosul attacked by Iraqi militants

Turkish consulate in Mosul Iraq

The Turkish consulate in Mosul was attacked in a rocket attack, causing damage but no casualties, Iraqi and Turkish sources said Wednesday.

The overnight fire in Iraq’s main northern city came after deadly shelling, conducted by the Turkish army, killed nine civilians last week, prompting anti-Turkish protests in cities across Iraq.

Four rockets hit, causing damage to cars parked in the street near the consulate, provincial lawmaker Shirwan Dobardani told AFP.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Turkey, which denied its forces were behind last week’s artillery bombardment and instead blamed the rebel Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), condemned the overnight rocket fire.

“We condemn this attack, in which no casualties were reported, in the strongest terms,” the Turkish foreign ministry said in a statement.

“We firmly request from the Iraqi authorities to fulfil their responsibilities in protecting diplomatic and consular missions.”

The ministry said it was a “grave and noteworthy development that this attack was carried out during the UN Security Council meeting, which was held upon the call of the Iraqi authorities.”

Following last week’s shelling, Baghdad called on the Security Council to pass a resolution demanding that Ankara withdraw its troops from northern Iraq, where it maintains a network of bases as part of its long-running campaign against the PKK.

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