Çelik's alternate reality: "Mitsotakis follows an aggressive policy, threatens the peace in region"

Çelik, Ömer Çelik

The delirium from Ankara continues with provocations escalating and statements by top officials of the ruling AKP party creating a distorted picture of reality, this time by party spokesperson Ömer Çelik.

Despite the fact that the Greek Prime Minister, during his interview with the American network CNN, emphasised that he wishes to continue talks with Turkey, AKP's spokesperson Çelik launched a direct attack on Kyriakos Mitsotakis, speaking of an aggressive Greek policy that threatens peace.

Mitsotakis follows an expansive and aggressive policy. It threatens the peace and stability of the region with its maximalist policy on the Eastern Mediterranean, Çelik argued.

Pulling the strings, Erdoğan's spokesman claimed the following: "The Greek prime minister defends the position that an island (Kastelorizo) with an area of ​​10 square kilometres, two kilometers from Anatolia and 580 kilometres from mainland Greece, has a continental shelf of 40,000 square kilometres."

"This is an aggressive and expansionist policy and his claims are contrary to international law," he added.

After Mitsotakis' clear message about Turkish provocation and the statement that Erdoğan should deal with the Turkish economy rather than reviving neo-Ottoman fantasies, Çelik argued that the Greek prime minister uses the phrase "to cover up his own illegal policies"...

"It is tragic that the Greek prime minister is targeting our president with his 'expansive' claim," the spokesperson said.

"The fact that the Mitsotakis government, which was struggling to pay a few billion euros of the Greek debt, increased the country's armaments budget by five times, shows to the whole world that Greece has no peaceful disposition and is pursuing an aggressive policy in the Eastern Mediterranean," he claimed.

Mitsotakis' statements about Greek-Turkish

Kyriakos Mitsotakis, after the crescendo of incendiary movements from Ankara and the demilitarisation of the islands, emphasised to CNN that Greece will defend its territorial sovereignty, but wishes to continue talks with the Turkish side.

He called it irresponsible, at the given time, to indulge in nationalistic delusions while focusing on the need for stability in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Regarding the Greek-Turkish language, the Prime Minister emphasised that Greece is facing a geopolitical crisis after the Russian invasion at that the last thing Greece needs is a source of instability in Southeast Europe.

Mitsotakis also called on the Turkish president to deal with his country's economy rather than reviving neo-Ottoman fantasies.

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