Medvedev publishes map that divides Ukraine between four countries

Dmitry Medvedev

Strong reactions have been caused by a map that was recently uploaded in a Telegram post by the vice president of the Security Council of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, claiming that it reflects the assessment of Western analysts about the fate of the territories of Ukraine after the end of the war.

In particular, on July 27, the former president of Russia posted two maps on Telegram. The first of these showed Ukrainian territory to include Crimea and the two eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

"In the drug-addled mind of Ukraine's president, this is the picture of his country's bright future," Medvedev captioned with the first map.

The second map showed a fragmented Ukraine, with most of its territory annexed by Poland, Hungary, Romania and Russia.

"Western analysts believe it will actually look something like this," Medvedev wrote in his post about the second map, without specifying which analysts he was referring to.

Romania rejects Medvedev's approach, with an official statement from its Foreign Ministry speaking of a "map that gives Romania fictitious territories of Ukraine".

"Such attitudes are part of the propaganda and disinformation tools used by the Russian Federation for a long time and which was strengthened after the start of the illegal and aggressive war against Ukraine," the ministry added.

Medvedev's maps have sparked strong reactions on social media, with many calling them "confirmation" of Russia's dark plans for Ukraine.

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